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Thread: Looking for a certain back issue.... that old chestnut

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    Default Looking for a certain back issue.... that old chestnut

    Hi Guys,

    I'm searching for a back issue, somewhere around issue 32 I think, although I could be wrong as it's pretty old. If you've got the copy you'll know which one as there's an article about riders 'dream tracks' with a 3d illustration of a mountain course as the backround (blue sky, couple of helicopters etc). I think the cover was Peat in a blue kit with a red helmet (but could be wrong).

    Reason I'm after the issue is I produced the illo but after a couple of house moves and computer system changes I no longer have the digital files nor have the copy of the mag I owned (who knows where it went, gutted).

    Anyways, if you have the exact mag, can sell it to me or scan it, it'd much appreciate it.



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    I have a mate who has every issue of Dirt (And MBUK, for some reason...) so I'll ask him if he has it.
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    supercool, it'll be great to see the artwork again... I slaved for hours on it, only to lose all trace of it.

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    Hi Dunc,

    It is indeed issue 32, I just found it!

    My scanner isn't currently set up but I shall get it scanned in tonight for you

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    Hi Stuz,

    Just PM'ed you. Can't believe someone found it, I'm well chuffed!

    Cheers in advance.


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    If anyone's interested the fruits of Stuz labour can be found HERE
    Thanks again to Stuz for the find.


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