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    Hey guys and girls. A few of us are looking to travel to Leogang for the world champs this year. Any reccomendations on travel would be appreciated - train, flights, which is best etc.


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    I flew in to Munich airport and picked up an opel astra estate hire car and drove.

    If you drive, you will need to pick up a toll/tax disc for the Austrian roads. You should ask your hire car firm where to get them as it's not allowed to be driving around without one apparently.

    Saalbach trails were pretty sucky. Very natural i.e not well made, and at the time wet, to the point where it was hard to stay on the bike; but not in a fun way.

    Leogang was good though still a relatively small resort. This was 3 years ago I think.

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    Yeah similar experience with me - I have a friend who stays in Munich so I few there and he drove us to Leogang. The freeride track was awesome, nice and open and fast, with the DH track being quite tight and twisty with loads of roots! This was a few years ago as well.

    There are some rules that you must have your headlights on at all times as well, regardless of the weather.
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