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Thread: Biking in the Basque

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    Default Biking in the Basque

    Back in June I went on a trip with GreatRock and Basque Mtb to the Basque region of Northern Spain.
    We were based in Hondarribia and had uplifted riding from there. The scenery is absolutely stunning (especially on the beaches ) which makes riding hard because you're always distracted by something.

    Doug from Basque Mtb has lived in the area for 3 years now and has found some awesome trails, so his guiding and local knowledge was unmatched.
    Ed Oxley of GreatRock fame was always on hand with skills coaching and advice and the pair working together made an awesome team.
    It was brilliant to ride on natural tracks that see little traffic That meant our riding skills were really pushed. You can't just pin it and hold on like you can on a groomed trail.
    The uphills are always hard work but when you're rewarded with a 20 minute plus downhill, its always worth it.

    We had some crazy varied weather 40+ on a couple of days followed by a few days of storms and then some lovely mid 20s rides towards the end of the week.
    Massive thanks to Ed and to Doug who had the unenviable task of riding back to collect the van while we waited and drank beers.

    Doug has written a great blog on his site and Ed created an ace video of all our riding (see below)

    Video here

    A few piccies too:

    I take no credit for any of the pics or the video. was too busy riding.
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    that there is some stunning riding!

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    Destroyed the swingarm on my Scott on the last day too:

    Even that was pretty fun.
    To console myself I've ordered the new Yeti SB66

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